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Steam Play Operation: Harsh Doorstop
Operation: Harsh Doorstop is an Unreal Engine powered shooter sandbox similar to mod-friendly games like Ravenfield and Garry's Mod but with roots in tactical shooters like Squad and Arma III. Our game is entirely donation funded, completely free, and has full Steam workshop support!

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a completely free and donation funded Unreal Engine project with full support for modifications, single-player play, co-operative play, competitive multiplayer play, and Steam workshop! Our game is similar to other mod-friendly games like Ravenfield and Garry's Mod but with roots in military simulation games like Squad and Arma III. This means while the base un-modified game will play more like Squad or Insurgency: Sandstorm, modified versions of the game can be like anything else you can imagine. 
Defending against an alien invasion in the "Troopers" mod for Operation: Harsh Doorstop

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