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Runes of Magic Fantasy free to play
Enter the world of Runes of Magic

Head Out on an Amazing Journey!
In the beginning Taborea was just a book in which the god Ayvenas wrote of life and creation. Yet once infused with life by the divine powers, Taborea developed into a fantastical world of myth and legend. Its continents scored by the enigmatic marks of times past, the peoples of Taborea are on a quest to uncover the mystical legacy of their past.

Ancient Magic and Powerful Runes
  • Free and rich fantasy MMO
  • Unique game world with countless quests and instances
  • Effortless start through the tutorial, with different starting areas for each race
  • Build your own home and create a guild castle with your friends
  • Loads of mini-games and great prizes to be won every day
Your Hero – In a Class of Their Own!
  • Become a hero and master ten challenging classes
  • Combine up to three classes per character, unlocking special abilities
  • Which race suits your style? Humans, elves or dwarves – the choice is yours!

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