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Gmail,, Telekom: How secure are the most common email providers?
Quote:Anyone who moves on the Internet usually needs an e-mail address. It is the key to social networks, online shops and banking apps. We asked some providers how they ensure the security of e-mail accounts - and what users can do who have lost access to their accounts.

80 percent of Germans used the Internet last year to send or receive e-mails. This emerges from data published by the "Statista" portal . Experts believe that this proportion will probably increase further in the coming years.
This is hardly surprising. After all, the digital mailboxes are a prerequisite for registering with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, just like with most online shops. And important documents are being sent more and more frequently by e-mail, from the employment contract to the booking confirmation for the next trip.

It is therefore all the more important that your own e-mail address is secure. That no unauthorized person can access it. We asked the best-known providers: What measures are they taking to protect their users' accounts? And what can users do who no longer have access to their email accounts?

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