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Twitter Blue
[b]Twitter Blue is our premium subscription service that elevates quality conversations on Twitter. [/b]
Twitter Blue is an opt-in, paid subscription that adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select features, like Edit Tweet. Subscribe now with localized pricing starting at $8/month or $84/year in available countries to get the blue checkmark in addition to early access to features.*

[b]Click here for pricing information.[/b]

All Twitter Blue features will be available immediately except the blue checkmark, which will appear on eligible profiles after a review to ensure subscribed accounts meet all eligibility criteria.
Until now, Twitter used the blue checkmark to indicate active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on certain requirements. Now the blue checkmark may mean two different things: either that an account was verified under the previous verification criteria (active and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter Blue. Learn more about the different forms of verification on Twitter here.

We’re also piloting a new service called Twitter Verification for Organizations, which is a service for business entities on Twitter that adds a gold checkmark to official business accounts. Learn more about Twitter Verification for Organizations here.

In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter Blue features offer subscribers a way to enhance and customize their Twitter experience. These powerful controls are designed to help personalize Twitter, and give early access to our newest features before they’re available to everyone. Share your feedback @TwitterBlue.
Twitter Blue includes a number of features* to improve your experience on Twitter, including:
  • [b]Edit Tweet:[/b] This highly requested feature gives you a 30 minute window to make a limited number of changes to published Tweets. Use it to make updates, tag someone, or reorder the media you attached. Edit Tweet currently only applies to original Tweets and quote Tweets.
  • [b]Bookmark folders[/b]: Bookmark Folders let Twitter Blue subscribers group and organize Bookmarked Tweets into folders for faster discovery later. Twitter Blue allows you an unlimited number of bookmarks and Bookmark folders which are always private.
  • [b]Custom app icons:[/b] With Custom App icons, you can change how your Twitter App icon displays on your phone. Choose from several colorful options. Check your settings regularly for new featured looks available for a limited time.
  • [b]NFT Profile Pictures:[/b] We're adding NFTs as one of several ways to customize your Twitter profile so you can show off the NFTs you own in a hex-shaped profile picture on your Twitter account. After a temporary connection to your crypto wallet that allows you to set up an NFT as your profile picture, your digital asset displays in a special hexagon shape that identifies you as the owner of that NFT.
  • [b]Themes:[/b] Twitter Blue Themes let you choose from colorful options for your app theme.
  • [b]Custom navigation:[/b] This feature lets you choose what appears in your navigation bar, so you get quick access to the content and Twitter destinations you care about most. You can select at least 2 and up to 6 items to keep in your bottom navigation bar or restore to default if you change your mind.
  • [b]Spaces tab:[/b] We’re testing a new interface within Spaces that gives easier access to audio content. The new Spaces Tab is a place to find podcasts, themed audio stations, recorded Spaces, and live Spaces. This feature test requires in-app language settings to display in English. It's currently only available to Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS and Android devices, and a select number of people globally. Learn more about Spaces and this early access test of the new Spaces Tab.
  • [b]Top Articles: [/b]Top Articles is a shortcut to the most-shared articles in your network. This feature automatically lists the most-shared articles from people you follow—and people they follow, too—so you can easily find the type of content you want to read. 
  • [b]Reader:[/b] Turn long threads into a more beautiful reading experience. We’ve designed Reader to let you enjoy your threads with less noise. Turn the Reader feature on when you tap the reader icon at the top of the thread, or use it to change your text size.
  • [b]Undo Tweet:[/b] Undo Tweet gives you the option to retract a Tweet after you send it, but before it’s visible to others on Twitter. It’s not an edit* button, but a chance to preview and revise your Tweet before it’s posted for the world to see. Once the Undo period is over, the Tweet is viewable to your followers and you can either leave it or delete it, like you normally would on Twitter.
  • [b]Prioritized rankings in conversations:[/b] This feature prioritizes your replies on Tweets that you interact with.
  • [b]Longer video upload:[/b] Share more content with your followers. Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos up to ~60 minutes long up to 2GB file size (1080p) (web only). Learn more here.
  • [b]Half ads:[/b] Twitter Blue subscribers see 50% fewer ads on their Following and For You timelines. As you scroll, the number of Tweets between ads in your Following and For You timeline will double.
Learn how to use Twitter Blue features here.
*Not all features available on all platforms and locations. Twitter Blue features may change periodically/from time to time as we keep improving the service.


New subscriptions to Twitter Blue are currently available on web, iOS, or Android only in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, with plans to expand. Not all features are available on all platforms. Newly created Twitter accounts will not be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for 90 days. We may also impose waiting periods for new accounts in the future at our discretion, and without notice.
Twitter reserves the right without notice to remove your blue checkmark at any time in its sole discretion without offering you a refund, including if you violate our Terms of Service or if your account is suspended.


We’re committed to maintaining integrity of accounts on Twitter and making the platform a place people can join and engage safely. Only Twitter accounts created more than 90 days ago can sign up for Twitter Blue. All Twitter Blue subscribers will be required to confirm their phone number as part of sign up. Once subscribed to Twitter Blue, changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle) will result in the loss of the blue checkmark until the account is validated as continuing to meet our requirements, and no further changes will be allowed during this review period. Learn more about checkmark requirements here.

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