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The best burning programs for Windows: Freeware and free full versions
Backing up data by burning looks outdated, but it's still useful to some extent. We name the advantages and disadvantages - and provide downloads (freeware, full version software) that trump the Windows burning functions.

Burn files to CD/DVD or Blu-ray Disc in 2023? That may seem outdated – and it probably is in most cases. Nevertheless, burning tools, optical drives and blanks have their right to exist: USB data carriers such as memory sticks are easier to handle than a CD/DVD, the file system is even variable (depending on the operating system, format and convert according to FAT32, NTFS or exFAT ; data CDs/DVDs and audio CDs use CDFS, DVDs still have UDF), but optical data carriers such as CDs/DVDs still have small advantages, so some users prefer to lend or give them away rather than an expensive USB stick Or even an external hard drive/SSD. Furthermore, data on a disc, once finalized, is immutable.
It is fitting that they are then out of the reach of encryption Trojans : These sometimes attack backups on internal SATA/PCIe and external USB mass storage devices. However, they stop at burned data – because the disks are so-called ROMs ( read - only memory ), i.e. read-only.

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