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New WhatsApp Feature Bypasses Internet Blocks: Here's How to Unlock It Anywhere
[Image: einrichten-90c45a715a3464f2.jpg?im=Aspec...cdce3a49f0]

In some regions of the world, communication via WhatsApp is technically blocked. With a new function, the use should still work. How to use a WhatsApp proxy.
WhatsApp is used by over two billion users in over 180 countries. In some regions of the world, currently including Iran, the connection to the WhatsApp servers is blocked. This should be possible with a new function.

If the connection to the WhatsApp servers does not work directly, a proxy should be able to step in from now on. This is a proxy that you connect to and which in turn taps into the WhatsApp infrastructure. This should make it more difficult for states to specifically block access to the messenger.
Setting up a proxy connection is possible directly in WhatsApp. This works in the apps in the settings under storage and data .
Tap on the Proxy menu item and enable Use Proxy . Now you have to specify the address of the proxy server and save the whole thing. The next connection attempt is then attempted via the detour.

WhatsApp assures that using a proxy does not change anything in terms of data protection and security. Messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. It should also not be possible to eavesdrop via the proxy. However, the IP address used is visible to the proxy operator.

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