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Update Hasleo Backup Suite 3.0 with data backup & integration of drivers in WinPE
[Image: windows-system-backup-select-source.webp]

Hasleo Backup Suite Free is a free Windows backup and restore software, which embeds backup, restore and cloning features, it is designed for Windows operating system users and can be used on both Windows PCs and Servers. The backup and restore feature of Hasleo Backup Suite can help you back up and restore the Windows operating systems, disks, partitions and files(folders) to protect the security of your Windows operating system and personal data. The cloning feature of Hasleo Backup Suite can help you migrate Windows to another disk, or easily upgrade a disk to an SSD or a larger capacity disk.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free V3.0 :Completely Free Windows Backup Software Helps You Protect Windows OS and Data Security
• Backup & Restore, clone Windows OS, disks, partitions and files(folders).Improved
• Supported backup modes: full, incremental and differential.
• Supports compression, encryption, splitting and merging of backup image files.
• Automatically and regularly perform backup task with backup schedule.Improved
• Image retention policy and centralized backup task management.
• Convert MBR to GPT or convert GPT to MBR by restoring or cloning.
• Creation of WinPE emergency disk and Multi-language support (German, French, etc.).
• Supported OS: Windows Vista/Server 2008 or later, fully compatible with GPT and UEFI.

Download & More Info:
I'm trying Hasleo Backup Suite on my production system, Windows 10. On my system, the full and incremental backup speeds are on par with Macrium (the fastest here). The restore speeds are faster than Aomei and EaseUS.

I use Macrium 8 Home, Aomei Backupper Pro, and EaseUS Workstation on different systems. I liked Hasleo; it's kind of the best of those three software packages in one.

HBS is shaping up well. I test every new version and have completed many restores with zero failures. Kudos to the developers for the improvements and attention to reliability.

Give it a shot... you'll like it!
Hasleo Backup Suite 4 Beta 2

Delta restore is now available!
"The delta restore has a faster restore speed than the traditional full restore because it restores only the changed blocks on the disk. This benefits from advanced delta detection technology, which enables Hasleo Backup Suite to quickly and efficiently check for changed blocks on disk."

I tested it. A delta restore took approximately 13% of the time compared to a normal restore on my HDD system. Great job, Hasleo!
Hasleo Stable Version 3.8

Hasleo Beta Version 4.0 (Beta 3)
Delta restore is now available for disk restore.
No more features will be added to V4.0, which will be the last beta release of V4.0.
Hasleo Backup Suite V4.0 Released!

What's new in this version:
1. Added delta restore feature
2. New backup scheduling and image retention policy for creating more complex backup plans
3. Attempts to extract drivers from Windows and inject them into WinPE when creating WinPE
4. Fixed some bugs to improve product quality

For more information please visit:

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