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Google is now testing passkey support for Chrome and Android
Quote:Google announced on Wednesday morning that it has taken another step on the journey toward a passwordless future by rolling out support for passkey login to Android and Chrome. Passkeys, which let you use your phone or computer’s built-in authentication systems instead of a traditional password, have support from all the major tech companies, with Apple, Google, and Microsoft pledging to bring the feature to their OSes.

Essentially, passkeys are a credential stored on a device, like your phone or computer, that confirms to a website or application that you are who you say you are (though Google is still working on the passkey API for native Android apps). You verify your identity to the device, and it can then securely log in to sites and services you use without relying on a password that could be stolen, reused across multiple sites, or that you might be tricked into giving up to a fake customer service agent or using on a fake phishing site because you clicked the wrong link.

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