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We Will Never Forget
[Image: mdC2RM0.jpg]

NEVER FORGET!! 21 years ago 9/11/2001

● 246 people went to sleep, knowing they had a flight.

● 2,606 people went to sleep, to work the next morning.

● 343 firefighters went to sleep knowing they might fight a fire.

● 60 police officers went to sleep, ready for morning patrol.

● 8 paramedics went to sleep before their morning shift.

On 9/11/01 NONE of them saw past 9:59am.

Be kind!!! Love intensely!!! Work hard. Make every day count.

God bless America  Never, ever forget.
Surreal times & events !!! 

[Image: 36734533-121856888726982-9187897410876080128-n.jpg]
[Image: 85156155-2996017540418311-903722446916419584-n.jpg]

I saw all of what happened to The Twin Towers on TV except the first 10 minutes. ... I knew the world had changed & we were probably going to war when the second plane hit the second building. ... I remember it felt much like the day JFK was shot in Dallas in 1963 when I was in the 6th grade and, just after 1PM, we learned that the President had been shot.  ... That was the first day I ever saw everyone around me or on any form of media (that was mature enough to think,) react dramatically in some way emotionally. ... The second time was 9/11. --- It was not just the central event that was life changing, but seeing the society/people around me all react to the event. ... As in the physics of a nuclear bomb explosion, a "critical mass" chain reaction was achieved / happened .... & it affected all of us to the degree that we changed forever, each in their own way.

Things/events like this is like trying to tell someone who has not seen the ocean for the first time what it is like. ... You can't understand if you have not been there yourself.  Epiphanies, profound, striking sudden realizations that can't truly be transferred by one to another fully. ...  When people, even great teachers, or books or movies try to make us understand, all we can do is understand superficially. To understand profoundly (extremely), we must experience it up close and personal, ... & as much as I experience 9/11, I only did it at a distance by watching it on TV. ... It was the subsequent mass chain reaction to 9/11 of all the people that I saw that day until this moment on this forum & on TV today, 21 years later, that I marvel at.

There are many such events in the history of mankind that ripple down through time that affect us. ... That is one reason that I always feel sorry for people who do not care for the learning of history.  
... Ignorance is a dangerous bliss.

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