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Giveaway War is coming
War is coming is a free for limited time on Ends September 7, 2022.

- This game will definitely have updates.
- Some places may still be inacessible.
- Some side dialogues may still be locked.
- A quest is not complete yet, but playable.
- Even so, you'll be able to reach the end of the game and enjoy this gaming experience at its fullest.

[Image: I1OVDuT.png]

The story talks about a recruit who's the offspring of two different races, your goal is to find out to which race he belongs to and win the imminent war.

The story is divided into 9 chapters. The first one was made to give you a tutorial and explain you how battles work, to introduce you the main characters and let you explore the headquarters.

The next 4 chapters are focused on understanding to which race the main character actually belongs to; during these chapters, you aren't allowed to travel around the map, you're forced to follow the story, which is still plenty of things to do; during this time, you can also talk to other characters, ask them about their past, and play as them during flashbacks.

The last 4 chapters are focused on winning the war; after the end of the 5th chapter, the game will become an actual openmap videogame, allowing you to explore almost everything of the map.

Key arrows to move;
SHIFT to run;
ENTER to select and analyze things;


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