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ai technology face how swap

How to swap face with AI technology
Face swap has become ideal leisure and personal activity among people. It is funny if you change one face in a picture from another new face. You may try to use Photoshop to swap faces manually but it is time-consuming, and difficult for processing if you are new to Photoshop skills. But, based of the AI technology and machine learning, swapping faces automatically has become real.

Face Swapper AI is a new tool that is used to swap faces from photos in just a few seconds. It is simple and easy to use.

Step 1. Just drag and drop the face photo
Step 2. Select a face or upload a new face picture.
Step 3. Wait and the page will show the picture with a new face.

It is free and straightforward and no registration and email account are required. You can start to use it immediately.

[Image: steps.jpg]


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