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Contest 28th War Thunder Steam Screenshot Competition!
[Image: d66fbf64694823ff8108572f51a5f97fb097c0db.png]

Welcome to the 28th War Thunder Steam Screenshot Competition!

Your beautiful screenshots came in rapid fire! - We loved to see all of the artistic creativity as you captured pictures of these beasts breathing fire! The three most popular and three selected by us will get 300 GE. See the winners down below!

Let’s begin the 28th edition of our competition!

Create a stunning screenshot and submit it on the War Thunder Steam Community Hub with the tag #WTscreen28. You have time until 19.08.2022 to submit your screenshot.

After that date, 6 winners will be selected (3 of which will be the highest rated by the community and 3 selected by our judges), each of which receive a reward of 300GE.

Important addition: Screenshot theme - Big Bore!


Take a screenshot of a vehicle with a big gun! There is so much to choose from, including classics like the KV-2, HMS Hawkins, and P.108A! Everyone loves a thunderous roar and big balls of fire… That is, unless you are on the receiving end!
You must add the #WTscreen28 tag.

Screenshots need to be compliant with the War Thunder rules.
You need to be the author of the screenshot.
Screenshot needs to be new. You cannot use those which have previously been published or used in other competitions.
We will only accept raw screenshots from the game. You cannot use any editing software nor any other visual enhancements (like Nvidia Ansel filters).
You can use filters and settings built into War Thunder.
You can use the replay functionality built into War Thunder.
Rewards will be delivered to the author's account within 7 working days.


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