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2022 giveaway year licenses kerish doctor

Promo2day Giveaway Kerish Doctor 2022 Giveaway (3-year Licenses)
Thanks for this giveaway!
Kerish Doctor 2022 can safely prevent Windows problems in real time and fix registry errors.
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Good for everyone! I have been using the program for more than one year. I was satisfied with everything, with the exception of one - I wanted to leave a positive review on the official website, but there they complicated this procedure so much that these attempts had to be left. Everything else is at the highest level, I hope it will continue to be so.
Thank you Mike

Thank you Promo2day

Using Windows 10 manager and Kerish doctor ( licence almost finish )

Simply the best one

contextual menu

Stop and delete unused services

Web browser add-on

Kerish Kerish Kerish Big Grin 

Thank you very much
I have never used Kerish Doctor before now and simply amazed on how well it works. My laptop has been having issues for quite sometime freezing up loading pages slow not always connecting to internet and much more. Downloaded and tried the program and all my problems are now gone. I will continue to use this program in the future.
If someone has not won the activation for 3 years, contact

I will help with the activation of Kerish Doctor 2022 Key until April 23, 2023 (1 device)
Why do I want to win a license for Kerish Doctor?

Because of all the apps I use to keep my computers running fast & smooth, non do as much as Kerish Doctor. ... This great software has so many great features that I can't cover them all, but one that I really like is that it finds trash files in areas of my computer that no other garbage files cleaner finds. ... I consider Kerish Doctor a "must-have" software app. Smile

*Thanks Mike for putting this contest together for us, and happy forum anniversary! Thumb
Thanks Mike
thanks Promo2day

The Windows 10 manager and Dr. Kerish (the finished license) is the best because it :
1) nice context menu
2) stops and removes unused services
3) very light software
Hello everyone!

First of all, I congratulate you on the seventh anniversary and I wish you more years of dynamic development for this forum.

Secondly, thank you very much for this contest and the opportunity to participate in it!

I would like to win a license because it's the best program for comprehensive system optimization and maintenance.

It"s a must-have program on every computer!

The best features that I love about this program are finding and updating drivers and programs.

Good luck to everyone in this competition!

Best Regards!


A good program, it doesn’t touch too much, it helps with the settings.

I would like to use Kerish Doctor 2022 because it simply works and as Mike said makes older and slower systems work even better. It has been a few years since I last used Kerish Doctor and it would be great to reap the benefits it would provide to my 12 year old desktop.

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