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Promo2day Giveaway Hard Disk Sentinel Professional - 7 Lifetime Licenses
Thanks for offering the chance to win a license of Hard Disk Sentinel. I would really like to win a license for this tool because it is the best tool I know for tracking disc health when using a RAID Controller!
I regularly check the S.M.A.R.T. values of my SSDs and hard disks. A hard disk can be faulty even with good S.M.A.R.T. values, but a regular check can help to detect a pending data loss in time and to remind that it is really about time to create a backup of the important data again.

So when Hard Disk Sentinel issues a warning, it really is time to take action. This function is very helpful for me.

That's why I would love to win a license for this great program.

Thank you very much for this giveaway!   Thumb Smile

HDSentinel is a excellent Multi-OS disk monitoring and analysis tool, which not only identify and alert disk drive problems in a timely manner, but also provides a complete and detailed disk health report, 
More importantly, can effectively prevent data loss.

I look forward to taking this last chance, thank you so much,and good luck to you all!

My share
Giveaway ended winners announced soon.
[Image: FZUlTRE.png]

The winners were selected by using the List Randomizer and selected winners must claim his/her win within 3 days of the draw or the win will be void.
Congrats to the winners and thanks for the giveaway!
Congratulations to the winners
Congratulations to the winners.
Congratulations to the winners!  Thumb Smile

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