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Tor Browser now bypasses internet censorship automatically
Quote:The Tor Project team has announced the release of Tor Browser 11.5, a major release that brings new features to help users fight censorship easier.

The Tor Browser has been created specifically for accessing sites through The Onion Router (Tor) network to offer users anonymity and privacy when accessing information on the internet.

It achieves this by routing traffic through nodes on the network and encrypting it at every step. The connection reaches the destination through an exit node that is used to relay the information back to the user.

Auto block bypassing

The updates in Tor Browser 11.5 focus on circumventing censorship, a process that started a year ago in version 10.5 with improving the Tor connection experience.

In the new version, users no longer have to manually try out bridge configurations to unblock Tor.

Tor Browser version 11.5 comes with a new feature called “Connection Assist”, which assigns automatically the bridge configuration known to work best for the user’s location.

“Connection Assist works by looking up and downloading an up-to-date list of country-specific options to try using your location (with your consent),” explains the release announcement.

“It manages to do so without needing to connect to the Tor Network first by utilizing moat – the same domain-fronting tool that Tor Browser uses to request a bridge from”

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