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Promo2day Giveaway MyFormatConverter Basic Free for everyone
[Image: Wn87rro.jpg]

[Image: qg9f2tS.png]

MyFormatConverter gives you the best image and sound quality across all your devices! By using it your music, movies and photos are adapted to each of your devices – whether that's a smartphone, regular cell phone, tablet, media player and much more besides!

If you want to use a file converter in your day-to-day life, it can be hard to pick one because they tend to specialize in certain things, which means you’ll likely need more than one tool to finish a project.

MyFormatConverter isn’t like that. The app lets users process all their media files and make them compatible with any other device, no matter what format they need.

Use this app to convert audio and video files, as well as all kinds of images, to the file format that works best for you.

Product Page:

[Image: 3Nq2WFR.png]

To celebrate our Promo2day Anniversary we are able to giveaway MyFormatConverter Basic to all of our Promo2day readers for Free. I would like to thank the Managing Director from Engelmann Software GmbH for this giveaway.


Just download the program open and request your license key.

[Image: xtG2z1E.png]

[Image: ks2Dsxd.png]

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