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Promo2day Giveaway CryptoBuster - 40 Licenses
[Image: Wn87rro.jpg]

[Image: cryptobuster_box.png]

CryptoBuster is an effective anti-ransomware solution with a small system footprint that can work side by side with your existing security product to offer an additional security layer and form the last line of defense against ransomware to protect your valuable data from damage.

Anti-Ransomware Honeypots

CryptoBuster uses honeypots, which is an efficient and proven technique with low false-positive chances to detect and stop ransomware when they start to encrypt user files. You have full control over the honeypots creation process as you can either create honeypots manually customizing their names and locations or you can leave this job to CryptoBuster that can deploy hundreds of honeypots in strategic system locations with custom names and file types designed to allow ransomware to target those files before they can reach any of your important files.

[Image: cryptobuster4.png]

[Image: cryptobuster2.png]

Active System Monitoring

Besides Honeypots that are effective to stop ransomware when they start to encrypt user files, CryptoBuster can intelligently monitor the file system to detect malicious activities that may indicate an ongoing ransomware attack or sometimes indicate the preparations for an attack. For example, CryptoBuster can detect the creation of files with extensions that are known to be used by ransomware to encrypt user files, also you can configure CryptoBuster to detect the creation of potentially dangerous files like batch files and scripts that are commonly used in ransomware attacks, or even to detect the creation of files of unknown types which is an aggressive technique used to stop most of the ransomware strains that change file extensions.

[Image: cryptobuster3.png]

[Image: cryptobuster1.png]

Full Protection Control

CryptoBuster was built to be a user-friendly and configurable anti-ransomware solution that is why it comes with a full range of tools and settings to allow you to customize all ransomware protection aspects provided by CryptoBuster and to have full control over actions made by the software. You can choose which protection module to enable and configure how this module works, configure automatic actions to perform in response to a specific event or disable this automatic response by setting CryptoBuster to monitor and report only. CryptoBuster comes with Security History feature that logs every security issue detected and actions performed by CryptoBuster; this would allow experienced users to understand how CryptoBuster works and the best way to configure the protection settings for best performance and user experience.

Product Name:


1.0.935 Beta

Release Date:

File Size:
14.06 MB

License Type:
This is a 1-computer 1-year license.
You get free updates for one year.

System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows 11 v10.0.22000 and later.
- Microsoft Windows 10 2004 and later (32-Bit and 64-bit).
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

Product Page URL:

Product User Guide URL:

Product Download URL:


What is CryptoBuster?
CryptoBuster is an anti-ransomware solution designed to be installed side by side with your existing security product to offer an additional security layer against ransomware attacks and fill the gaps that your security solution may have failed to cover; this will ensure maximum protection for your valuable data from damage by ransomware.

How can CryptoBuster protect my data?
CryptoBuster Beta uses two techniques to detect and stop ransomware attacks. The first detection method is honeypots, which are bait files that CryptoBuster creates in strategic system locations with customized names that allow honeypot files to be targeted by ransomware before they start to encrypt the user's files. CryptoBuster closely monitors those honeypots and will automatically suspend and terminate any program that messes with them.

Besides honeypots, CryptoBuster can monitor the File System to detect any malicious activities that may indicate a ransomware attack like the creation of files with extensions known to be used by ransomware to encrypt user's files, the creation of potentially dangerous files like scripts and batch files that are commonly used in ransomware attacks or even files with fake extensions that attackers use to disguise harmful executables as normal documents. Unlike honeypots, which can only detect ongoing ransomware attacks, the File Extensions Monitor can detect and stop ransomware in an early stage before they start to encrypt the user's files.

Can CryptoBuster replace my existing security solution?
No, for two reasons. Firstly, CryptoBuster does not protect your computer from other malware types like viruses, spyware, trojans.

Secondly, CryptoBuster was designed to work with other third-party security solutions to form the last line of defense against ransomware, especially the never-seen strains. Therefore, the current CryptoBuster Beta cannot intercept and block ransomware from modifying system settings and files. However, it can monitor the system for malicious activities and automatically respond to ongoing attacks to protect your data from permanent damage or at least minimize that damage.

Will CryptoBuster slow down my computer?
CryptoBuster is intended to be used with other security products to increase protection against ransomware. For that reason, we built our anti-ransomware solution to have a small system footprint so that it won’t affect the system performance.

Does CryptoBuster offer protection against data exfiltration?
Unfortunately, the current Beta release does not offer such protection; however, we are working on a technique to protect your data from being exfiltrated by threat actors.

What languages does CryptoBuster support?
The current CryptoBuster Beta only supports English; however, we plan to support more languages in the upcoming releases.

Thanks to Ahmed Osama (Smart PC Utilities Webmaster) we are holding this giveaway for CryptoBuster. If your interested in this product just follow the rules below and winners will be selected the end of July and sent a license.


To have a chance to win a CryptoBuster 1-computer 1-year license You must be a registered forum member and can join here:

Please follow these Simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and Post the share link with your comment below.

2. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, please share on another forum or website.

3. Comment why you would like a license for CryptoBuster.

4. Winners Selected will be sent a license once the giveaway has ended.

Good Luck for ALL!
Aside from using my Anti Malware/Virus Software, I need CryptoBuster to be my second line of defense against
different types of ransomware. So please, count my name in and really looking forward to win. Thank you.

there is no security solution full of protection against  ransomware 
so light additional one will be perfect
Thank you Mike  for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

CryptoBuster is a small program and most importantly, it does not burden system resources. It effectively protects our valuable data from ransomware attacks and monitors the file system for malicious activity. An application that provides protection against various ransomware threats.

Thanks for the giveaway.
I need a license for Crypto Buster to protect against ransomware.
The program with the existing main antivirus will provide an additional level of security.

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I want a license for Crypto Buster to protect against ransomware, which seems to be one of the hardest malware threats that I constantly here is always becoming an ever bigger threat, because of the incentive of money for all the "bad actors" out there to make illegal money online or just foul things up for decent folks.

If Crypto Buster adds any safety to my computer systems, then I want it on all three of my computers that my wife and I use.

*Thanks for this contest, Mike.  ... There seem to be very few giveaway contests online anymore except here at this great forum where you and your team keep on keeping on.  Big Grin

My media share
Thanks for this nice giveaway!
Crypto Buster is great second line defense beside my antivirus !
my share is:
Thanks a lot for the giveaway, Mike.
CryptoBuster seems to be a very good antiransomware solution and I need protection for this kind of threat nowadays. 
Count me in please. 

My share is below: giveaway share
Thanks Mike for the CryptoBuster giveaway.

Ransomware is a major issue these days.  CryptoBuster looks like an excellent security solution for it.

It would be great to receive a license

Anyone interested in this software product today is the final day to enter this giveaway.

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