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iphone uhive android

ahmed24 hours Giveaway Uhive [Iphone, Android]
[Image: 31b4f14ecf3f377b967face44c64c017.jpeg]

The world’s first blockchain-powered, AI-based, decentralized social platform! The special present for GOTD users - 1000 Uhive Tokens! Users can purchase Spaces, Space Names, NFTs, & Rewards using their 1000 Uhive Tokens, in addition to the 5 Free Spaces (Virtual Lands) they will get once they sign-up using GOTD Invitation Code! Please study readme file for the registration procedure!

Important: Please note that in order to claim your 1000 Uhive Tokens, you'll need to use a device that never had Uhive installed before.

Uhive is the world’s first blockchain-powered, AI-based, decentralized social platform. Users on Uhive can simply use it just like any other Social Media platforms, but with the added benefits of free-speech, earning revenue by creating, buying and selling digital assets like NFTs, trading virtual real estate. Users on Uhive can create unique content and grow their network easily. The more the content is unique, the more users will get featured on Uhive’s discover page and website.

Uhive is a social network that introduces a whole new dimension to the world of social networking, allowing you to experience something new and explore new ways to reward the users. We have introduced an advanced network that allows you to express your thoughts freely, browse through different interests and the option to create your own spaces.

Moreover, it is fundamental that you fully utilise our social network by exploring through different interests and being part of a new dimension. It’s simple, zoom in and out for a certain interest under the ‘Explore Tab’ and start swiping in different directions (left or right). Start sharing your thoughts, opinions, photos and videos and communicate with your friends and family. Allow yourself to discover a new and extraordinary platform filled with continues posts and the opportunity to network the exciting way.

Moreover, a new digital currency was created, based on blockchain technology exclusive to Uhive. The network was designed to utilise the currency in ways that are beneficial to individuals, businesses, marketeers and social influencers.

System Requirements:
Iphone, Android


The program is available for 1000 Uhive Tokens,but it will be free for our visitors as a time-limited offer.



1. Open your invitation link (

2. Download Uhive by clicking on "Google Play" for Android Devices & "App Store" for iOS Devices.

3. Open Uhive & click on "I Have An Invitation Code" and enter your invitation Code "JMKBKA",
complete the registration process.

4. Go to your email inbox & verify your account. Make sure to check the spam folder.

5. 1,000 Uhive Tokens will be deposited in your wallet automatically.

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