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Giveaway Connect, Relate, Motivate: Master Communication in Any Situation, 2nd Edition (eBook)
[Image: vCKKIsK7.png]

Communication has become one of the most puzzling paradoxes of our time. We live in a world that is hyper-connected; more plugged in, tuned in and turned on than ever before.

Yet, social science confirms that more and more people feel isolated and disconnected from their communities and families. They feel overworked, underpaid, misunderstood and alone. This book is a fresh approach to tackle modern communication challenges, written for today's time poor reader; easily consumed in one sitting (one flight), or one night!
This book is a holistic approach to professional and personal communication that will be a significant support in the boardroom, the living room and also the classroom.
Despite the capability to be 'in touch' 24/7, many people are disengaged and disillusioned. Business leaders know the struggle to engage and empower a workforce that clocks in, then checks out. Parents know the challenges to connect with teenagers who text better than they talk! And how do you answer the most challenging question every partner dreads: "If you loved me you would know what's wrong?" These are all painful experiences that this book delivers proactive solutions to connect (and protect) these important relationships through better communication. This is vital if you are a business leader, parent or in a loving relationship. This book is a 'map for leaders' who want to harness the power of communication to influence their projects, their ideas, their teams and clients; for parents that seek better relationships with their kids and or loved ones.

In this book you will discover in seven easy to read chapters:
  • Compelling reasons to get great at communicating.
  • A path to incredible personal growth.
 (Offer expires 6/1/2022)

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