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Giveaway Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership (eBook)
[Image: 2022-03-05-123152.png]

Learn how you can tackle everyday leadership challenges regardless of your title, position, or authority with this insightful resource

A book about leadership for people who are not in formal or hierarchical leadership positions, Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership provides readers with a comprehensive and practical approach to addressing leadership challenges, no matter the setting or circumstance. Esteemed scholars and sought-after consultants Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner adapt their trademark The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership framework to today’s more horizontal workplace, showing people that leadership is not about where you are in the organization; it’s about how you behave and what you do.
Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership draws on the authors’ deep well of research and practical experience to cover key subjects:
  • The essence of making a difference in any role, setting, or situation 
  • The difference between positions of authority and leadership
  • The importance of self-development in leadership development
This book is perfectly applicable and accessible for anyone who wants to improve their own leadership potential and who isn’t yet in an official leadership role. Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership offers authoritative new insights, original case studies and examples, and practical guidance for those individuals who want to make a difference. You supply the will, and this book will supply the way.

(Offer expires 3/16/2022)


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