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WowUp 2.6.0 OPEN SOURCE World of Warcraft add-ons
2.6.0 Latest
@github-actions github-actions released this yesterday
New Features

    Added the ability to automatically discover WoW installs for Lutris users (fultonm)
    Added the new addon provider
    New app layout courtesy of our friends at Warcraft Tavern.
    Added the ability to switch to Beta build release channel from the app


    Spanish locale updates (SkollVargr)
    Chinese locale updates (CyanoHao)
    Russian locale updates (Medok)
    German locale updates (Glow)
    Updated At text on the My Addons page should now keep itself up to date
    Modified the GitHub install by URL feature to be more flexible for multi-toc addons
    App now starts up much faster
    Increased the timeout for the CurseForge provider
    Simplify Re-Scan logic


    Fixed an issue with some addon IDs colliding between addon providers
    Fixed an issue with a provider being able to block update checks
    Fixed an issue with restoring the window from a pinned shortcut on the taskbar
    Try to fix the issue with duplicated addons
Download: WowUp-Setup-2.6.0.exe 67.1 MB      Digital Signature ( WowUp LLC ) WowUp 2.6.0  OPEN SOURCE Is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. Scanned With Kaspersky Internet Security  Kaspersky File Advisor Trusted ( Kaspersky Security Network) Global KSN

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