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Virus? What Virus? - Dr Mark Bailey's Slam Dunk
#1        Virus? What Virus? - Dr Mark Bailey's Slam Dunk
Dec 29, 2021    Counterspin New Zealand      Episode 48:

Dr Mark Bailey joins Kelvyn Alp to discuss the details of the "Covid 19 virus" hoax.

Dr Bailey breaks down the false science & the fake narrative that has been rolled out as a "pandemic."

The only virus that exists is a mind virus perpetuated by mainstream media.

Dr Bailey and his wife Dr Sam Bailey have woken up to the truth about viruses and are courageously telling the world about their research of the past two years and how they are bucking the system to save humanity.

NZ is fortune to have two such articulate and knowledgeable experts willing to tread were few in medical establishment will.

Check out Dr Sam Bailey on Odyssey and on her website            Dr. Samantha Bailey. After training and practicing within the medical system for two decades, she commenced a new phase of understanding and promoting health as a wider concept. In 2019, Sam launched her YouTube channel exposing the hidden scientific truths about health. A few years later and after taking the red pill, Bailey's channel has ...

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