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Using Catsxp Browser
 Catsxp Browser

CATSXP is one of the confidentiality oriented web browsers and enhanced user security. Relying on the Chromium database engine, it provides a high speed viewing web pages and has all the advantages of this nucleus.

When you start you, a nice interface in black colors and a familiar appearance of any browser based on chromium is found. As expected, you can open multiple pages at the same time, each in a separate tab.

In the eye, the "New Tab" page, which offers a custom-made dashboard displaying information about blocked advertising and trackers, the number of saved bandwidth and many other things.

Features of the program:

Most of the capabilities of the CATSXP browser are associated with the privacy protection and security of web pages.
The configuration of this browser is default in such a way that from the very beginning to prevent tracking and block advertising.
Thanks to the so-called "shields", the browser can automatically block tracking attempts and advertising on the Internet and redirect connections to HTTPS if they are available.
Scripts and cookies can also be blocked automatically. To establish exceptions, you can manage user rules for advertising and cookies.
In continuation of confidential-oriented functions, CATSXP can disable auto-filling and allow analytics to preserve privacy.
There is also a security check test that can be launched at any time to make sure that there are no data leaks or extensions that are reported as dangerous.
To avoid distracting factors, you can configure CATSXP so that it does not show the buttons of social networks on the visited pages.
It works simple and easy to use, but doesn't have any other features.
How stable is this browser? Can it be used as a site testing tool for a developer? Health Check, Responsive, and more... For example, Keep track of your website's uptime and performance with Host-Tracker's reliable uptime monitoring tools, when combined with this browser, it should be a good collaboration.

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