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winrar 10

tarekma7WinRAR 6.10
Hi All

I need any member who is interested to prepare a review for WinRAR v6.10

The reviewer will get a lifetime Perpetual license (with updates but No Major upgrades)

The final version will be released soon, the review will be prepared after the release of the final version compatible with Windows 11
@tarekma7: I am interested in doing the review.
I do not see any problems with the activation of the product. Rar Key has no difference from the original.
(01-09-2022 , 03:52 PM)Nicos18 Wrote: @tarekma7: I am interested in doing the review.

Thanks for your reply, I will PM you once final version is available
Nicos18 is not visiting since more than 2 weeks 

If someone is interested to do the review, please let me as soon as possible
The new version is compatible with Windows 11. The reviewer will receive lifetime license key as a reward for preparing the review
The giveaway will start in a few days, I need review to start, anyone interested?

@Nicos18  @Grr
Count me pls i interest.

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