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Vivaldi browser 5.0 New Released Big Changelog
#1        Changelog – Vivaldi browser 5.0
• [New][Themes] Theme sharing (VB-38363)
• [New][Translate][Panel] Provide a new way to translate selections and arbitrary text (VB-80593)
• [New][Address bar][Download] Offer additional way of showing downloads (VB-80226)
• [New][Page Actions][Chain Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Handle page actions as commands (VB-82950)
• [New][Chain Commands] Add parameter to search with selection command: to specify search engine (VB-81860)
• [New][Linux]Provide rpm packages for ARM and ARM64 (VB-84132)
• [Address bar] Checking a URL with a search engine goes to URL instead of searching (VB-84115)
• [Address bar] URL in address field not updated after opening a site from Bookmarks menu (VB-83568)
• [Address bar] URLs with encoded characters are not properly encoded when copying the URL (VB-77574)
• [Blocker][Keyboard] Tracker blocking badge is not keyboard accessible (VB-65331)
• [Bookmarks] Duplicate text overlaid on javascript and mailto URLs (VB-81608)
• [Capture] Button not translated (VB-84477)
• [Capture] Dragging isn’t possible after screenshot (VB-84242)
• [Capture] Missing UI for screenshot of area (VB-83510)
• [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.51
• [Download] Doesn’t finish although it reach 100% (VB-83809)
• [Download] Data blob download fails (VB-84157)
• [Gestures][Keyboard] Translate Page Not Available as a Command (VB-82214)
• [Gestures][Settings] Animation not displaying (VB-82288)
• [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 98.0.4710.4—104707
• [Locale] Swedish system long date format incorrect (VB-73701)
• [Menus] Improve capability to recover from broken syntax in menu files (VB-84124)
• [Menus][PWA][Speed Dials] Useless “Create shortcut…” context menu item (VB-83236)
• [Panels] Can’t open “windows with N tabs” in window panel (VB-83590)
• [Panels][Download] Missing information if disk is full (VB-77323)
• [Panels][Download] Order of entries in download panel change on click after download finished (VB-69518)
• [Panels][Tabs] Sort tabs by domain has stopped working (VB-84492)
• [Performance] Enable backward/forward cache by default (VB-83644)
• [Performance][Address bar] Improve performance by doing less re-rendering (VB-83559)
• [Performance][Tabs] Fewer avoidable re-renders while dragging tabs (VB-83498)
• [Periodic reload][Tabs] Only affects last selected tab in a group of tabs (VB-84439)      Vivaldi browser 5.0 Download:
• [Privacy] Add .gitignore file to profile folder; A warning should display if the profile might be in a Git repository (VB-84485)
• [Quick Commands] Should take history state into account with autocomplete (VB-83489)
• [Quick Commands] Tune history search (VB-82876)
• [Reader Mode] Failing in some cases when it should not (VB-83689)
• [Speed Dial] Cannot rename bookmark by clicking on the title; cut/copy/paste in the title field doesn’t work (VB-81991)
• [Speed Dial] Opening a page from a folder, then going back does not return you to the folder (VB-84101)
• [Speed Dial][Search] Ask users to consider using Startpage instead of Google (VB-73553)
• [Sync] Can’t use $ in password (VB-83806)
• [Tabs] Dragging should update less when animations are off (VB-83757)
• [Tabs] Dragging tab selects another tab (VB-83758)
• [Tabs] When tab bar is hidden, a new tab from a stack opens outside the stack (VB-79128)
• [Tabs][Keyboard] F6 focus selection disappears on tab stacks (VB-83959)
• [Tabs][Performance] Poor performance with many tabs (VB-84121)
• [Translate] Better error handling to improve automatic detection (VB-84434)
• [Translate] Error in console when loading XML file (VB-83681)
• [Translate] Selection button and popup might end up below the page (VB-83429)
• [Windows][Media] Sound occasionally fails: fixes some of these instances (VB-82763)

Mail, Calendar & Feeds
• [Calendar Beta] Add option to not show notifications (VB-84425)
• [Calendar Beta] Allow selecting which calendars to sync on account setup (VB-84584)
• [Calendar Beta] Assign or allow keyboard shortcut to refresh Calendar (VB-74323)
• [Calendar Beta] Cannot connect to NextCloud CalDAV (VB-74906)
• [Calendar Beta] Changing the color of local Calendar does not work (VB-83986)
• [Calendar Beta] Deleting Vivaldi Calendar account hangs (VB-84030)
• [Calendar Beta] Duplicate event created when using done button (VB-84384)
• [Calendar Beta] Empty event with default notification is saved (VB-83664)
• [Calendar Beta] Filter does not apply for tasks in agenda view (VB-83455)
• [Calendar Beta] Hide “+” when editing event (VB-64642)
• [Calendar Beta] Import iCal file into new Calendar (VB-84031)
• [Calendar Beta] Imported ICS calendar containing events with no range doesn’t sync (VB-82935)
• [Calendar Beta] Prevent update of web calendar from invite email (VB-84178)
• [Calendar Beta] Setting for opening ICS files in Vivaldi or use OS default app (VB-56573)
• [Calendar Beta] Setting up CalDAV or Google calendar is slow with many events (VB-83847)
• [Calendar Beta] Status button shows events from hidden calendars (VB-84459)
• [Calendar Beta] Store and use credentials when accessing Web Calendar (VB-83462)
• [Calendar Beta] Web calendar event duplication (VB-84051)
• [Calendar Beta][CalDAV] Changing calendar color does not work for online Calendars (VB-84001)
• [Calendar Beta][Keyboard] Define command for shortcuts compatible with Google calendar: allows for shortcuts to be different between Browser, Calendar and Mail (VB-83320)
• [Calendar Beta][Mail Beta] Error logger improvements (VB-84064)
• [Calendar Beta][Mail Beta] Status button logs overflow (VB-84454)
• [Calendar Beta][Panel] Creating a new event for today in the panel fails (VB-83808)
• [Feeds Beta] Add feed dialog should allow adding an incomplete feed (VB-84424)
• [Feeds Beta] Quirksmode feed causes several parsing issues (VB-83459)
• [Feeds Beta] When parsing of a feed fails, it halts loading of all remaining feeds (VB-83819)
• [Mail Beta][Calendar Beta] Add logs to status popup (VB-84024)
• [Mail Beta] Add Oauth support for Office365/Outlook (VB-83729)
• [Mail Beta] Add back threading toggle button (VB-84028)
• [Mail Beta] Add “Rename Mailing List” to context menu (VB-83175)
• [Mail Beta] Deleting from All Messages not working (VB-82670)
• [Mail Beta] IMAP account setting for upload to Sent folder or not (VB-70666)
• [Mail Beta] Implement new import UI: work in progress (VB-83982)
• [Mail Beta] Import from M2 does not always put sent messages in sent folder (VB-83540)
• [Mail Beta] Import – allow selecting accounts to include (VB-84133)
• [Mail Beta] Inbox navigates to composer after closing a composer tab (VB-84412)
• [Mail Beta] Links can get linkified incorrectly (VB-84003)
• [Mail Beta] Mail list sorting (VB-28216)
• [Mail Beta] Mail status popup fails for BCC-messages (VB-83623)
• [Mail Beta] Messages sent to self don’t show in ‘received’ (VB-74552)
• [Mail Beta] No result when putting symbols in search without quotation (VB-81236)
• [Mail Beta] POP errors are too generic (VB-83516)
• [Mail Beta] Performance fix for getting next filtering request
• [Mail Beta] Retries too fast on failed connection (VB-83961)
• [Mail Beta] Search does not find emails with txt attachments (VB-75874)
• [Mail Beta] Some text in email is rendered in pure white color (VB-83925)
• [Mail Beta] Support actions for filters: first actions are mark read, add/remove label (VB-79165)
• [Mail Beta] Temporarily out of sync with server (VB-83577)
• [Mail Beta] Undo fails at times (VB-64787)
• [Mail Beta] Unnecessary confirm delete dialogs (VB-84118)
• [Mail Beta] Wrong hover color on dropdown toolbar buttons (VB-84409)
• [Mail Beta][Settings] Deleted mailing list filters can never be restored, with settings open in a new window (VB-84625)   Vivaldi browser 5.0 Download:               Digital Signature ( Vivaldi Technologies AS )  100% Malware FREE & Clean Of Any Of These Malware Threats - No Backdoors, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Worms, Ransomware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, PUPs, Scanned With McAfee Total Protection

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