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try days cloud free playon

mrtroutTry PlayOn Cloud for Free 7 days.
Auto-Download Recordings to Your Computer
PlayOn Cloud Downloader
Install the free PlayOn Cloud Downloader software on your PC or Mac and your PlayOn Cloud recordings will be downloaded automatically to your computer. Schedule recordings to download any time of day.
Available Channels
PlayOn Cloud gives you access to 20+ popular streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO.    How It Works
PlayOn Cloud is a digital video recorder (DVR) for streaming videos. Recordings are made in the cloud and then downloaded to your device for offline viewing. When you record a video in the PlayOn Cloud app, it starts a stream on a virtual PC in the cloud and the stream is recorded in real-time like a DVR records cable TV. Once the recording is complete, an .mp4 file will be ready for you to watch.
The .mp4 recording can be easily downloaded to your mobile device from the PlayOn Cloud app, or, look for a download link in your email to download your recording to any device or computer. You can also use the PlayOn Cloud Downloader software (for PC/Mac) to automatically download .mp4 recordings to your PC. Plus, you can skip the ads when you watch your downloaded video through the PlayOn Cloud mobile app—the app will ask if you want to skip the commercials—click yes and voilà.
PlayOn is DVR technology for the new way we watch (streaming) TV. You get the best deal on recording credits by subscribing to a Cloud plan—start a free trial and get 7 free recording credits. All recordings will be stored in the cloud for a complimentary 7-day period, or store recording in the cloud with a PlayOn Cloud plan that includes storage.      Try PlayOn Cloud for Free
Record and download streaming movies and shows from streaming sites you already have access to like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and much more.
Get 7 Free Recordings

*Free recording credits must be used within 7 days. After 7 days, you'll be billed just $2.99 for 30 recording credits each month. Cancel anytime.          Get the PlayOn Cloud Downloader
Now you can automatically download your PlayOn Cloud recordings to your Mac or PC.

Schedule recordings to download any time of day. Download recordings when your computer is free or when you have bandwidth to spare. Once downloaded, your recordings can be watched anytime from anywhere.

How It Works
The PlayOn Cloud Downloader was designed to schedule nightly downloads of your cloud recordings to your computer. When you first install the app, it will download all recordings made within the past 72 hours. If you wish to bulk download all of your recordings, including those made from more than 3 days ago, you can go to your your recordings page to do a one-time bulk download. It will put all of your downloaded recordings in the following folder: Videos\PlayOn Cloud Recordings on your PC or  Download:                                                            Digital Signature ( MediaMall Technologies, Inc. )  PlayOn Cloud Downloader  Is  100% Scanned  With  Panda Dome Complete 21.00.00 & Hitman Pro 3.8.23  is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

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