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Giveaway [Udemy] Mastering WHM - The Ultimate Course for Web Hosting Business
Mastering WHM - The Ultimate Course for Web Hosting Business | Udemy

In this course you will get in-depth knowledge of WHM and how you can use it.
This is the unofficial most extensive and most detailed course on the topic.
The course can be taken by anyone wanting to start their web hosting business and make money or Someone who already has web hosting business and managing multiple web hosting accounts.
After this course you will have complete mastery over WHM and will be able to run your own web hosting business comfortably.
The course Covers everything that WHM has to offer.
Apache mod_userdir Tweak
Compiler Access
Configure Security Policies
cPHulk Brute Force Protection
Host Access Control
Manage External Authentications
Manage root's SSH Keys
Manage Wheel Group Users
ModSecurity Configuration
ModSecurity Tools
ModSecurity Vendors
Password Strength Configuration
Security Advisor
Security Questions
Shell Fork Bomb Protection
SMTP Restrictions
SSH Password Authorization Tweak
Traceroute Enable/Disable
Two-Factor Authentication
Change Host name
Resolver Configuration
Create Support Ticket
Grant cPanel Support Access
Support Center
Basic WebHost Manager® Setup
Change Root Password
Configure cPanel Analytics
Configure cPanel Cron Jobs
Initial Quota Setup
Link Server Nodes
Server Profile
Server Time
Statistics Software Configuration
Tweak Settings
Update Preferences
WHM Marketplace
Contact Manager
Edit System Mail Preferences
Creating Resellers
Change Ownership of an Account or Modify an Account
Change Ownership of Multiple Account
Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges
Email All Resellers
Manage Reseller's IP Delegation
Manage Reseller's Shared IP
Reseller Center
Reset Resellers
Show Reseller Accounts
View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status
Apache Configuration
cPanel Log Rotation Configuration
cPanel Web Disk Configuration
cPanel Web Services Configuration
Exim Configuration Manager
FTP Sever Configuration
FTP Server Selection
Mailsever Configuration
Manage Service SSL Certificates
Nameserver Selection
Service Manager
Configure Application Locales
Copy a Locale
Delete a Locale
Edit a Locale
Locale XML Download
Locale XML Upload
View Available Locales
Backup Configuration
Backup Restoration
Backup User Selection
File and Directory Restoration
Configuration Cluster
DNS Cluster
Remote Access Key
Forceful Server Reboot
Graceful Server Reboot
Apache status
Daily Process Log
Server Information
Service Status
Task Queue Manager
List Accounts
List Parked Domains
List Subdomains
List Suspended Accounts
Account Suspension Versus Bandwidth Limiting and Account Termination
Manage Account Suspension - Suspend Account
Manage Account Suspension - Unsuspend Account
Show Accounts Over Quota
View Bandwidth Usage
Change Site's IP Address
Create a New Account
Email All Users
Force Password Change
Limit Bandwidth Usage
Manage Account Suspension
Manage Demo Mode
Manage Shell Access
Password Modification
Quota Modification
Raw Apache Log Download
Raw FTP Log Download
Rearrange an Account
Reset Account Bandwidth Limit
Skeleton Directory
Terminate Accounts
Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders
Upgrade/Downgrade an Account
Web Template Editor
Convert Addon Domain to Account
Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account
Review Transfers and Restores
Transfer Tool
Change WebHost Manager Theme
Theme Manager
Add a Package
Delete a Package
Edit a Package
Feature Manager
Add a DNS Zone
Add an A Entry for your hostname
Delete a DNS zone
DNS Zone Manager
Edit Zone Templates
Email Routing Configuration
Enable DKIM and SPF Globally
Nameserver Record Report
Park a Domain
Perform a DNS Cleanup
Set Zone Time to Live (TTL)
Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding
Synchronize DNS Records
Additional MqSQL Access Hosts
Change MySQL User Password
Database Map Tool
Manage Database Users
Manage Databases
Manage MySQL Profiles
MySQL Root Password
MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade
Repair a MySQL Database
Show MySQL Processes
Add a New IP Address
Assign IPv6 Address
Configure Remote Service Ips
IP Migration Wizard
IPv6 Ranges
Rebuild the IP Address Pool
Show IP Address Usage
Show or Delete Current IP Addresses
Show/Edit Reserved IPs
EasyApache 4
Install a Perl Module
Install a RPM
Module Installers
MultiPHP INI Editor
MultiPHP Manager
Rebuild RPM database
System Update
Update Server Software
NGINX Manager
Email Deliverability
Filter Incoming Emails by Country
Filter Incoming Emails by Domain
Mail Delivery Reports
Mail Queue Manager
Mail Troubleshooter
Mailbox Conversion
Repair Mailbox Permissions
Spamd Startup Configuration
View Mail Statistics Summary
View Relayers
View Sent Summary
Background Process Killer
Process Manger
Show Current Disk Usage
Show Current Running Processes
Change Log
Install cPAddons Site Software
Manage cPAddons Site Software
Manage Plugins
Modify cPanel & WHM News
Reset a Mailman Password
Upgrade to Latest Version
Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request
Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain
Manage AutoSSL
Manage SSL Hosts
Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate
SSL Storage Manager
SSL / TLS Configuration
Market Provider Manager
DNS Server
FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd)
HTTP Server (Apache)
IMAP Server
Mail Sever (Exim)
Mailing List Manager (Mailman)
PHP-FPM Service for Apache
SQL Sever (MySQL)
SSH Secer (OpenSSH)
Restart Services
Apps Managed by AppConfig
cPanel Development Forum
cPanel Plugin File Generator
Developer Documentation
Manage API Tokens
Manage Hooks
Change Multiple Sites's IP Addresses
Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts
WHM Overview
The WHM Interface
WHM Update Installation
Installation of WHM
Configuration of WHM
WHM Update Installation
This course includes:
22.5 hours on-demand video
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion
Excellent Thanks baziroll, enrolled.

About this course

Learn how to run your own Web Hosting company with WHM, access WebHost Manager so you can manage your customer accounts.

By the numbers
Skill level: All Levels
Students: 1703
Languages: English
Captions: No
Lectures: 184
Video: 22.5 total hours
Thanks for sharing this course here my friend,
I would appreciate if anyone share his account with me.


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