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amp professional your maximum 25 defrag get pc performance o

tarekma7Contest O&O Defrag 25 Professional: Get maximum performance for your PC
Yes, I use and always have used defragmentation software.

I have used Windows built in defrag plus countless others.

Currently I am using O&O Defrag 23 Professional and I would love to win a license for O&O Defrag 25 Professional because I have found O&O Defrag to be consistently better than any other defrag that I have used. Also, each and every time O&O software releases a new version it adds new features and it works even faster than before.

Thank you O&O Software and for the opportunity to win a license!!

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Why do I want to win a license for O&O Defrag 25 Professional?

Because I trust O&O software to be reliable and very good at performing their tasks -- and have used them for years. ... I have not used O&O Defrag before but based on tarekma's review above and other review across the web that I searched out this new version is simple to operate and  is very fast in completing defragging a disk. I usually use Iobit's Smart Defrag but it is hard to find free licenses for unless I am online almost every single day and looking for them when they are available. It would be good to have a lifetime license of a defrag app that is comparable to Iobit which I believe this will be from the reviews.  Smile

*Many thanks to the O&O team for sponsoring this contest and to tarekma7 for his great review of this software and for putting this contest together for all of us. Thumb
Windows systems need their disks to be defragmented occasionally to keep them running in an optimal manner. When data becomes fragmented, files are slow to load, programs can become unresponsive, and a system's reliability can suffer. Fortunately, there are a variety of software utilities available that were designed to defragment data and prevent hard drives from becoming sluggish. O&O Defrag is one of these utilities, i need to install for life on my pc
heard good things about this program & eager to give it a go!
Thanks for the giveaway

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I would like to win a license of O&O Defrag 25 Professional because the defrag utility native of Windows is very limited, while a professional solution is more efficient.
Thanks for the Giveaway!
2. Do you use Defragmentation software and why you would like to win a license for O&O Defrag 25 ?
I have no defragmentation software at present.
O&O Defrag Pro is a defragmentation application which can analyze the health of HDDs, SSDs or RAID disks to show you whether the hardware is working at normal parameters or not by identifing potential problems and find solutions in due time. It will display a list of all available partitions, along with details regarding the number of fragmented files and the degree of fragmentation to help you significantly increase the performance of your computer. With such great benefit offered by this software, I am anxious to win this software to help me optimize my PC performance.

3. Share the giveaway on your social media or other websites.
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Giveaway end after 20 users contributing
It's been a long time not to use the defrag application, only use the default feature of Windows, but this application offers more complete features I want to install it on my computer
I use O&O Defrag24 from a another Giveaway. I will a newer Version of O&O Defrag.

Thanks a lot for the very good giveaway, tarekma7
I've been an old user of O&O Defrag Professional since many years. It has grown a lot since then and i must admit it became better with every new version. I am also using version 24 and i'd like an upgrade to version 25.
I like a lot its lightness, its own defrag technology and its features overall.

My share is below: giveaway share

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