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Sheriffs say they won’t enforce Biden’s ‘unconstitutional’ COVID vaccine mandates
Sheriffs say they won’t enforce Biden’s ‘unconstitutional’ COVID vaccine mandates
‘On 9/11 we experienced the foreign enemy,’ Texas sheriff Bo Stallman said. ‘Today we have a domestic enemy: the potential of a tyrannical, overreaching government that threatens to violate the constitutional rights of our citizens.’
TEXAS, USA - AUGUST 5, 2013: Policeman in Texas on August 5, Adrian, USA

Mon Sep 27, 2021 - 10:13 pm EDT

(LifeSiteNews) – Sheriffs across the United States are rising up against Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates for private businesses, vowing not to enforce coercive COVID vaccination requirements in their counties or for their workforces.

“I will not enforce my employees to get vaccinated,” Sheriff Jason Chennault of Cherokee County, Oklahoma declared last week, according to the Tahlequah Daily Press. “I will not enforce the public to get vaccinated. I’ve been asked that several times and my answer has always been no throughout the whole thing.”

Chennault echoed several other Oklahoma sheriffs who have promised to defy vaccine orders from the Biden administration in recent days. “I’m appalled at some of the absolute dictator-like tactics we are seeing from our Federal Government and several other State Governments,” Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux wrote in a press release dated September 13.

“As law enforcement officers, our first and foremost duty, and what we all swear an oath to do, is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” he said. “It is in that defense and the defense of religious liberty, that the Logan County Sheriff’s Office HAS NOT, AND WILL NOT mandate the COVID vaccine for any of our employees as long as I am the Sheriff.”

Similar statements against federal vaccine mandates have been reported in nearly a dozen states. “No employee will be required to have any intrusion of their body without their total consent,” the sheriff of Hamblen County, Tennessee recently announced. “I will NOT mandate our employees to receive the vaccination against their will,” Iowa sheriff Chad Sheehan likewise said, “I was elected by the citizens of Woodbury County to defend their freedoms and liberties guaranteed in the constitution of the United States.

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