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expressvpn 936 million kape technologies sells

ImranExpressVPN sells to Kape Technologies for $936 million
Quote:Kape Technologies has announced it will pick up ExpressVPN for $936 million, consisting of $237 million in Kape shares to ExpressVPN co-founders Peter Burchhardt and Dan Pomerantz, which will hand them a 14% stake in the combined entity, with the remainder to be paid in cash over the next two years.

ExpressVPN said it would remain a separate service, and its team would continue to grow. Of its approximately 290 employees, ExpressVPN has 48% involved in research and development. Kape called out ExpressVPN's OEM arrangements with HP, HMD Global, Acer, Dynabook, and Philips.

The VPN service has over 3 million customers, with over 40% in North America. During the 2020 fiscal year, ExpressVPN posted revenue of $279 million, up 37%, and adjusted EBITDA of $75 million, up 35%, Kape said in its regulatory filing.

Cross-selling aside, ExpressVPN claimed it would be able to provide better protection from a "wider range of threats".

"We've been impressed by Kape's clear commitment to protecting the privacy of users," ExpressVPN said in a blog post.

"Their track record with upholding the exacting privacy practices and policies of other privacy protection services under the Kape umbrella is a strong testament to how seriously they take their responsibility to respect user privacy and rights."

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Thanks for posting,

This is really bad news
Wow that's a lot of money. Thanks for sharing the info Imran
(09-14-2021 , 03:55 PM)Mohammad Wrote: Thanks for posting,

This is really bad news

Exactly. I don't have a good feeling about that. I still think that they sell our privacy to third parties. Kape already took PIA VPN. This company will turn into a giant and here the problems begin.
Quote:For all the #ExpressVPN refugees out there, why not try Windscribe? More features, and $60 cheaper per year. Use promo code XPRSNOPE or just use our free service. We're independently owned and operated, out of Toronto, not some shady offshore haven.
Bye bye ExpressVPN!
Kape has l large amount of users data in its hands now.
I just wondering how this company will use it........

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