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Windows 11 Launch Date Officially Announced
[Image: bV4X36J.jpg?1]

Quote:The new OS is set to make its debut on October 5

Microsoft has finally announced the launch date of Windows 11, confirming that the first devices are projected to receive the new operating system in October.

We’ve known for a while that this was the month when Windows 11 was scheduled to go live, but according to Microsoft, the rollout would start on October 5 for the first wave of production devices.

Most likely, the operating system will be finalized in September, with participants in the Windows Insider program to receive the final build, which would then be further polished with cumulative updates specifically aimed at fixing bugs and improving the general performance of the OS.

“We are thrilled to announce Windows 11 will start to become available on October 5, 2021. On this day, the free upgrade to Windows 11 will begin rolling out to eligible Windows 10 PCs and PCs that come pre-loaded with Windows 11 will start to become available for purchase. A new Windows experience, Windows 11 is designed to bring you closer to what you love,” Microsoft announced.

Already available for testing

Windows 11 is already available for testing in both the Dev and Beta channels of the Windows Insider program, with Microsoft only making it available for certain eligible Windows 10 devices.

The company has updated the system requirements for Windows 11, which means that not everybody is getting the new operating system even if their computers are currently running Windows 10 just flawlessly.

Microsoft explains that newer hardware is required to guarantee a smooth experience from one end to another, pointing out that old computers with outdated drivers come with an increased likelihood of fatal crashes, also known as the Blue Screen of Death.

The rollout of the free Windows 11 upgrade will continue into 2022, Microsoft expected to complete it by the summer of the next year.


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