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vpn review torguard

MohammadTorGuard VPN
[Image: r68fWPn.png]

Today the whole world is connected to the Internet and our privacy is not safe as it used to be.
The best way to protect our privacy, is to use a VPN. It helps us mask our IP address, and helps protect our privacy, and that of others who use the same network.
There are lots of VPN available, free and paid. Most free services have some limitations or the other. What are we getting when we pay for a VPN? And which one to choose?
There are a few good ranking VPNs, and one of those is TorGuard VPN. Visit the link below to learn more about TorGuard.
Home page :

[Image: 9c9Io7p.png]

TorGuard encrypts your network, so you can browse safely, with an anonymous IP and has different server locations.  TorGuard has over 3000 servers in 50 countries, and you can select any of these locations to connect to, regardless of the platform that you are on, Windows Mac, Linux, Android and IOS, they also offers VPN routers.
Configuring TorGuard is very easy, you just need a few clicks to set it up according to your needs.

[Image: NtCEyxC.gif]

Features From TorGuard:

• Unlimited Speed up to 8 devices at a time.
• No Logs.
• Block ads.
• Block Tracks.
• Anonymous IP with 3000+ servers and 50+ countries with zero throttling.
• Add DNS option.
• Leak protection with WebRTC.
• Internet kill switch.
• Stealth Proxy.
• Easy UI and settings.
• Easy to use and setup.

There are lots antivirus and security tools that claim they are perfect to secure your device and data, but these don’t protect your browser’s cookies and cache. These files store a lot of information about your browsing.
[Image: JYpItLa.png]
When you surf on the internet, a hacker can track your IP address. From there, he can get the mac ID, and even access your cache, clipboard, and your username and password get stolen.
[Image: djOJZ2F.png]

No Logs:

TorGuard hides your real IP address and location, and has a zero log policy. It means they don’t save your log history after connecting to the VPN, they don’t store any data about  what you browse or search. Unfortunately there is no way for end users to verify this claim, but that’s the same with other VPNs too. TorGuard replaces your IP address with its own server’s IP address. The encrypted connection makes it impossible to break in to, thus protecting your privacy.

Wireguard is a very popular feature in the VPN world for its speed, and TorGuard supports it. I recommend using Wireguard, but if you take your privacy seriously, you may want to choose Open VPN instead.

All VPNs reduce the speed of your internet connection, because the network is being redirected via a remote server, so you could experience about 20-30% speed reduction. I tested my network’s speed with my 30MB/s connection, and got good results.
[Image: gZQQUf3.png]

[Image: WMn7FyC.png]
With 100 mbps:

[Image: xpDfnwO.png]
[Image: fNqsjJv.png]

Block ads:

Ads are a big issue nowadays, we don’t know which ads could be malicious. Torguard blocks ads on websites, to prevent infected scripts, malvertising. This offers a solid way to stay safe online. Unfortunately, Tor Guard does not support IPV6, though the company says they are very close to fixing the issue.

Block Tracks:

Web tracking is actually related to your IP address. Hackers can track your footsteps by your real IP address. But if your IP address is changed and encrypted, then it hides your activities from websites that want to track what you search, and then sell your personal data and all your activity publicly.

TorGurad Servers:

TorGuard has 3000+ servers in 50 countries, and you can connect to any country’s server however you want to. You can set the tunnel type, protocol type, auth type, cipher. There are also lots of setting in Torguard that you can tweak according to your requirements. The security setting is important as it determines the encryption algorithm that is used to protect your data safe.

Take a look at how easy it is to change the settings in TorGuard.
[Image: OXdOg1K.gif]

Third Party DNS:

You don’t need to search on Google custom DNS, you can do so easily from the Setting> Network, and change the DNS.
Stealth Mode:
Stealth mode is an important feature that can bypass firewall restrictions to connect to the VPN’s servers. Stealth mode masks the VPN encryption, which is useful if you want to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN. Even your ISP won’t know you’re using a VPN.

Internet Kill Switch:

Kill Switch is an option for that disables your device’s internet, if you get disconnected from the VPN server. This way, your data doesn’t get leaked or tracked. If you’re an advanced user, then there are a few things you might want to change.
You may test TorGuard VPN, and share an image of your network’s test results on this forum.


If you want to run any script before connecting to the VPN, such as .bat .cmd. .vat and etc., there is option you can use from the Setting > Script section.

App Kill:

App Kill is like a firewall, it prevents specific programs from going online. This is useful if you don’t want your private email server or office email server, etc to connect through the VPN’s network. You can set it up by adding the application’s .EXE file under the Setting > Appkill.

• Good UI
• Speeds are good.
• Servers in 3000+ countries
• Stealth Mode
• Add script option in windows.
• App Kill switch
• Smart DNS supports default and third party options like Google, CloudFlare
• Good for P2P usage (torrents)

• No QR for for wireguard
• No IPV6 Support. ( Just Block )

NOTE: This is an unbiased review, I tested and wrote it as per my personal experience.
Thanks for the review my friend. I have been using their encrypted webmail for a long time (PrivateMail), The company offers many secure and advanced VPN features to make the web connection completely anonymous
Thanks for the review, Mohammad. This is a great VPN. Is on my most wanted list.

Very good review Mohammad Smile
Very good review brother  Thumb
Nice review Mohammad.
Thanks for the review
Thanks for the review
Nicely done.
Thank you.
Thanks for the review

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