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windows 11

ImranFirst Preview Of Windows 11
Microsoft starts testing secret Windows 11 features like wallpaper stickers and tablet mode

Quote:Microsoft appears to be working on several new Windows 11 features that the company has not yet publicly announced. References to stickers for desktop wallpapers, the ability to hide the taskbar for tablets, and a sustainability section in Settings have all been discovered in the latest test version of Windows 11. The new features have been uncovered just days after Microsoft announced it would test more experimental Windows 11 features.
Windows 11 to get soon a one-click default browser option
Enable Windows 11's God Mode to access all settings in one screen

Quote:Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 comes with a new Settings app. It uses a sidebar and breadcrumbs to help users easily navigate between different pages, and it also features new controls for customization, managing network, power usage, disk management, and more.

The settings app has been significantly improved, but several Control Panel features are still missing.

Thankfully, Windows 11 still comes with the Control Panel and File Explorer-based advanced configuration page called "God Mode" that allows you to easily access all advanced tools, features, and tasks.

With God mode, you can view and manage advanced management features in one location and it's better than the modern settings.

Windows 11's God mode offers support for up to 206 settings and some settings could be missing if they were added in will be missing. For example, a new feature that lets you set Bing wallpapers (spotlight) as desktop background is missing, but you will still find the link to the primary settings 'Personalization' in the God mode folder.

Enable God Mode in Windows 11

To access God Mode in Windows 10, create a special shortcut folder, as highlighted in the steps below:

1 - On the desktop, right-click anywhere.

2 - Select “New” option and click on "Folder"

3 - Right-click the new folder.

4 - Rename the folder to the following command:

5 - Press enter.
You can double-click on this folder to open God Mode.
Microsoft's latest Windows 11 test build adds new group policies, drops SMB1 enablement by default

Quote:Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 11 Insider test build, No. 22610, to the Dev and Beta Channels on April 29. This build includes a lot of fixes, along with a handful of new features and updates.

Today's test build also no longer enables the SMB1 file-sharing client by default in the name of security. However, testers who have installed SMB1 manually or upgraded from a preview Windows version where SMB1 was installed will not have SMB1 removed from the latest test builds.

Build 22610 adds new mobile device management and group policies for IT admins. These new policies can be configured locally using the group policy editor or via Microsoft EndPoint Manager.

Among the policies available as of today:

Disable Quick Settings flyout
Disable Notification Center and calendar flyouts
Disable all taskbar settings
Disable search (across Start & taskbar)
Hide Task View from taskbar
Block customization of 'Pinned' in Start
Hide 'Recommended' in Start
Disable Start context menus
Hide 'All apps' in Start

Today's test build also includes an update to the Family Safety Widget which provides a new location-sharing view to show where those using the Family Safety app are located. There's also an update that includes "an improved view" of screen time usage across apps and devices.

For those with PCs that support it, the estimated battery life timing will show up in the battery icon in the system tray.
Fake domains offer Windows 11 installers - but deliver malware instead

Quote:Security researchers have found a new collection of phishing domains offering up fake Windows 11 installers that actually deliver information-stealing malware.

Cybersecurity firm Zscaler said that newly registered domains appeared in April 2022 and have been designed to mimic the legitimate Microsoft Windows 11 OS download portal.

'Warez' sites containing pirate material, including software and games, are notorious as hotbeds of malicious malware packages, including Trojans, information stealers, adware, and nuisanceware.

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