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privacy chrome sandbox launched 2019

mrtroutLaunched by Chrome in 2019, the Privacy Sandbox
#1          Building a more private, open web
The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to create web technologies that both protect people’s privacy online and give companies and developers the tools to build thriving digital businesses to keep the web open and accessible to everyone.
An evolution of the web
Privacy is at the forefront of public dialogue as people seek to understand and control how their personal information is used online.

Some of the information collected by sites and third-parties is necessary to provide the rich content and services you expect. However, the tools used to provide this have gone far beyond their original intent in their ability to recognize you, your online activity and the devices you use.

The Privacy Sandbox will lay new foundations for a safer, more sustainable, and more private web.

The goals of the Privacy Sandbox
The Privacy Sandbox initiative is currently in development. The new technologies are being designed to:

Abstract representation of limited cross-site tracking
Prevent tracking as you browse the web.
People should be able to browse the web without worrying about what personal information is being collected, and by whom.
The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to remove commonly used tracking mechanisms, like third-party cookies, and block covert techniques, such as fingerprinting.

Abstract image of privacy-centric alternatives for key business needs
Enable publishers to build sustainable sites that respect your privacy.
Website developers and businesses should be able to make money from their sites and reach their customers, without relying on intrusive tracking across the web.
The Privacy Sandbox initiative is developing innovative, privacy-centric alternatives for key online business needs, including serving relevant ads.

Abstract image of strong online safety combined with free access to information
Preserve the vitality of the open web.
The open web is a valuable resource of information, with a unique ability to both share content with billions of people, and tailor content to individual needs.
The Privacy Sandbox proposals aim to both protect your safety online, and maintain free access to information for everyone, so that the web can continue to support economic growth, now and for the future.

About the Privacy Sandbox initiative
Launched by Chrome in 2019, the Privacy Sandbox is a collaborative, open source effort to develop a set of new technologies in the form of web standards.
Other web community members—web browsers, online publishers, ad tech companies, advertisers, and developers—are invited to get involved, and contribute to the development of the Privacy Sandbox. By early 2021, more than 30 proposals have been offered by Chrome and others.

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