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Deep Despair - PC Game @Indiegala
[Image: 1622798939.png]

Deep Despair is a retro-styled survival sandbox. The game repeats many of the mechanics of the notorious Minecraft, but most of them in the game are rethought for the sake of realism and credibility.
The game world is divided into 4 levels: the upper world, caves, caves with rivers and caves with lava. At each level there is a descent to the next level. Going below, you can find and extract more valuable resources. Abandoned mines are also found in dungeons. Traveling around the world, you can get various resources necessary for crafting and survival. Implemented a dynamic change of time of day. For a poorly developed character, night becomes a serious test, so it is recommended to spend it in the house that you need to have time to build. A bonfire, food, weapons and shelter are all you need for successful survival. You can freely explore the whole world and plan your actions in any order. Travel, collect resources, craft items, dig, build, grow crops and survive. All in the best traditions of Minecraft!

• Complete freedom of action
• Over 100 units of content
• Big worlds to explore
• Advanced hunger system
• Craft items
• Construction and gathering
• Cultivation of crops
• Hunting and survival


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