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new source project moonlight open streaming game

mrtroutMoonlight Game Streaming Project 3.1.1 OPEN SOURCE (New)
Moonlight allows you to play your PC games on almost any device, whether you're in another room or miles away from your gaming rig.

Moonlight (formerly Limelight) is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream protocol. We implemented the protocol used by the NVIDIA Shield and wrote a set of 3rd party clients.

You can stream your collection of PC games from your GameStream-compatible PC to any supported device and play them remotely. Moonlight is perfect for gaming on the go without sacrificing the graphics and game selection available on PC.


Stream at up to 4K resolution
If you can see it on your PC, you can stream it using Moonlight, including your full Windows desktop at 4K 120 FPS with a capable client.

Support for 120 FPS streaming
Stream at up to 120 FPS using the new Moonlight PC client with the option to disable V-Sync for the lowest possible latency.

Run your own cloud gaming server
You can host your own gaming server on many residential ISPs by just installing the Moonlight Internet Hosting Tool on your gaming PC.

Multiple client platforms
If you have an Android device, iOS device, Apple TV, PC or Mac, Chromebook, PS Vita, or even a Raspberry Pi, you can use Moonlight to stream games to it.

Open source
The code for our Moonlight clients is hosted on GitHub under the GPLv3 license. We welcome contributions and would be happy to help with ports to new platforms.

Completely free
Moonlight is a project run by the community, not a company. We have no interest in pushing ads, bundled services, paid versions with extra features, or subscriptions.            DOWNLOAD MOONLIGHT
Moonlight for PC & Mac
Stream to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Steam Link devices

Moonlight for PC & Mac
Stream to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Steam Link devices   :          Latest release
Moonlight PC v3.1.1
@cgutman cgutman released this 19 hours ago

Download links:

Windows Installer (Universal)
Windows Portable x64, x86, or ARM64 (for work/public PCs without the ability to install new programs)
macOS (Universal)
Snap (for Ubuntu-based Linux distros)
Flatpak (for other Linux distros)
AppImage (Linux, no installation required)
Raspberry Pi 4
NVIDIA Jetson and Nintendo Switch (Ubuntu L4T)
Steam Link device
The Windows installer package may require an Internet connection to download the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime if your PC does not already have it installed. If you do not have Internet access during installation, you can pre-install the runtime from Microsoft's website or use the portable version.

To update an existing installation, simply run the latest installer (for Windows) or replace the old app in your Applications folder (for Mac). For the portable Windows version, extract the latest version on top of your old folder.

To install on Steam Link hardware, extract the ZIP file to the root of a FAT32 flash drive, insert it into your Steam Link, then restart the Steam Link. Moonlight can run alongside official Steam Link streaming and other Steam Link apps.


Added support for streaming from GeForce Experience 3.22
Added support for AMF-encoded HEVC streams from servers like Sunshine and OpenStream
Added new community-contributed translations from Weblate
Fixed KMSDRM rendering with buffer modifiers on embedded devices
Known Issues:

Location Services on macOS may cause periodic lag and stuttering on Wi-Fi due to background network scans. To avoid the issue, disable Location Services on your Mac by going to "System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Location Services"
Remote desktop mouse mode and touchscreen input may behave incorrectly when the host PC has more than one monitor. This bug is on Nvidia's end and will require a GeForce Experience update to fix.
Touchscreen support can be buggy on Linux (X11) when mouse capture is enabled. You may need to enable remote desktop mouse mode for it to work correctly.
Surface Pro X devices (and possibly other ARM devices) must be upgraded to Windows 10 2004 or later to avoid a video glitch
In windowed mode on the Raspberry Pi, video does not move in sync with the window when dragged. This is a limitation of MMAL video overlays.
In windowed mode on the Raspberry Pi, video will not display while the app does not have focus. This is required to prevent Moonlight's video overlay from rendering on top of other apps.
23.3 MB : https://github-releases.githubuserconten...tet-stream          
20 MB: https://github-releases.githubuserconten...tet-stream                      MoonlightSetup-3.1.1.exe : 50.9 MB : https://github-releases.githubuserconten...tet-stream       Digital Signature ( Cameron Gutman  )  Moonlight Game Streaming Project 3.1.1  Installer & Portable Versions Were 100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Malwarebytes Premium 4.3.0

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