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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals in March 2021
An older but still excellent Samsung handset

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are no longer Samsung's newest option, falling back a year and yet, for many, they will remain the obvious choice for someone wanting a new Samsung device.

Thanks to the age of the handset, Samsung S20 deals have fallen a good distance in price, now looking pretty affordable. And now that it looks like the handset has been discontinued, prices are sure to fall further.

However, we're now also seeing a lot of inconsistency with the handset. Some retailers have pulled out completely, others are running out of stock and just a few remain with most of the value stocking up on the Three network.

Considering Samsung recently released the newer Samsung Galaxy S21 deals with a price tag lower than the S20, it would seem like the obvious decision to simply upgrade to the 2021 model...and yet, the waters are slightly muddied.

To achieve a lower price tag, Samsung's latest launch wasn't entirely revolutionary. Unlike the S20 it doesn't have expandable storage and the screen is actually not quite as powerful as the S20.

And while Samsung Galaxy S20 deals come with the older Exynos 990 processor, it is still an incredibly powerful phone with a 4000mAh battery, incredible camera set-up and more.

Just like Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals, the S20 is actually looking it's most affordable yet and could be a perfect alternative to Samsung's latest and greatest.

[Image: 12DtL7Y.png]

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: the best price right now HERE

Read more info HERE

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