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sumo pro lifetime

xLabSUMo PRO - Lifetime
I would like to suggest this giveaway for the SUMo PRO - Lifetime
I have already created some ads for them
I sent them a message and waited for an answer
Will be posted on the forum soon
(03-27-2021 , 11:54 AM)xLab Wrote: I would like to suggest this giveaway for the SUMo PRO - Lifetime

I read this on the giveaway of the day comments page from their recent giveaway of SUMo PRO

Quote:This software is beyond mediocre.

I'm always on the lookout for software that does a better job than the apps I already use.

Immediately after installing SUMo, I ran an update scan. Out of probably 100+ apps I have on my PC, guess how many SUMo identified as requiring updates. Zero! Zilch. Nada.

Then I ran Iobit's Software Updater which found 3 programs with outdated versions in need of updates.

Next I ran Glarysoft / Filepuma Update Detector which found 5 programs in need of updating.

And -- once again -- how many out-of-date programs did SUMo find? Oh yeah, that's right . . . none!

As far as I'm concerned this is a poorly disguised attempt to convince new users to purchase KC Software's ridiculously overpriced Pro edition . . . which by the way, we were were supposed to receiving (but didn't) in this GOTD.

Listen the developer can't be bothered to update the primitive, ancient-looking GUI. And he/they can't be bothered to develop an algorithm that accurately detects necessary software updates.

I instantly uninstalled this space-wasting app from my PC. I cannot understand why anyone would actually pay for SuMo when free apps from Iobit, Glarysoft (and others) do an better job.
That above opinion is subjective and not representative and i don't agree that this software is mediocre. On the contrary, i'm using it with great results for more than a year and i am completely satisfied with it as it helped me find the updates for my software.

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