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Giveaway 5 Temporarily Free Android Games
1.) Sanity - Escape From Haunted Asylum 3D

You are locked in an abandoned asylum and there is a deadly ghost chasing you. You can freely search the asylum when the ghost is sleeping but be careful when she is awake. You need to find all keys to get out of the asylum. Solve puzzles, collect items and get hide from the ghost. You need to use a crowbar or a lockpick to open containers. You will find some voodoo dolls, you can use these dolls to draw an invisibility circle to hide from the ghost for a short period.

2.) N°752 Out of Isolation - Horror in The Prison

A Survival horror game set in an isolated building built on an island for high-level prisoners. The main character finds himself in his cell after being put to sleep by security guards. He has lost the sense of time, but he knows he will spend the rest of his days there. For some time he heard horrible screams coming from the corridor of the building, especially during the night. A hard journey of fear will put Abram in front of a series of clues and horrors, which step by step will lead him to survival. Every key opens a door and who knows what horror is waiting for it, but above all ... is it the only one who wanders in the corridors of the "criminal wall?

3.) Chess Art for Kids: Kindergarten to Grandmaster

Do you like offline chess game or strategy games for two players? Give it a try! Especially designed for kids to have fun, to develop mind capabilities and to support sequential learning of the chess game. Supports different color palettes and chess pieces sets for different tastes. In general, this is an interactive offline chess game with different levels and playing styles appropriate for everyone - beginners and grand masters, children and adults, planners and improviser.

  • Flipboard function.
  • Undo move with "back" button of the device.
  • Moving by drag and drop as well as by selecting from and to squares.
  • Supports 3 different styles - freestyle, pieces aware, all chess rules.
  • Incorporated chess engine Bagatur. On the strongest level the ELO rating is about ~2700.
  • Supports different color palettes and chess pieces sets for different tastes.

4.) Christmas Games PRO - 5 in 1

✓ 5 Christmas games included
✓ Submit & share your points - challenge your friends and other people from all around the world
✓ Multiplayer - play against up to 5 people on a single device
✓ More games you play, better overall score you get
✓ No ads, No In-App purchases
✓ Playable offline (no internet needed)
✓ Nice colorful design

✓ Christmas Thief - jump from one chimney to another and try to steal as many Christmas gifts as you can!
✓ Christmas Rush - you have 60 seconds to match as many Christmas gifts as you can!
✓ Chains - remove at least 5 Christmas symbols of the same kind to get the new symbols to play with and try to get the best score possible!
✓ Christmas Pop - pop a given number of Christmas symbols in a single move and try to survive as long as possible!
✓ Christmas Quiz - how much do your know about Christmas? Test your knowledge in our single choice quiz!

[Image: mtlO8ofAuf9VYRkPj4FFI1BnWuqkDVwOOkarksxN...20-h937-rw] [Image: zsRP4PQhf5lzh6UC_4tXjW2_BvjSMHF1ui45VwYk...20-h937-rw] [Image: zOr_HLqU0iVXK9vfUJMGImeFPaxIDkcf8wsJ7eBt...20-h937-rw]

5.) Color Link Deluxe VIP

Color Link Deluxe is a puzzle game where you have to build tubes of different colors starting from different points scattered around a grid, with the goal of completely covering the grid.

  • Smooth, polished touch interaction
  • Beautiful background music
  • Easy to play, for all ages
  • Sleek design
  • No time limits
  • Works offline
  • Simple and satisfying gameplay
  • Clean, colorful graphics
[Image: LqSgkQHQPSE9aFiSlGDfbV4a7SKNXuE8plCnpqVg...20-h937-rw] [Image: drmIRU_BodBMniImbWiGMDOehUyXhj9ukVmBBIFx...20-h937-rw] [Image: oTI14YwSjwBse9H4X4-7umi5JOzzVf1jp-YQ3MSx...20-h937-rw]

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