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Waterfox 2021.02 (New) Released
#1      Waterfox 2021.02 Release

February 16, 2021

Security updates, and some small improvements.            What’s new in Waterfox 2021.02

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    Various security patches up until the current ESR branch.
    Uplift to ANGLE 3538 (Gecko 64). This improves WebGL performance.
    Implementation of missing ES2019 proposals
        JSON superset
        Well-formed JSON stringify
        Improved performance of JSON stringify
    Integrated Polly add-on for better website compatibility          As the differences between Classic and later Firefox versions grow, we are doing our best to patch the security advisories as we think apply to Classic. Not all patches apply cleanly or apply at all - but our better judgement is used.  Waterfox Classic

Use this version of Waterfox if you have your browser set up with various NPAPI plugins and bootstrap extensions that have not been updated as WebExtensions or for Waterfox Current.        Windows
Minimum Requirements

    Windows 7
    AMD Athlon 64, Intel Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE3
    512MB of RAM
    200MB of hard drive space      Waterfox 2021.02 Download:       Digital Signature ( WATERFOX LIMITED )
Waterfox Release G4.1.3.2:

✓ Fixed

Waterfox now identifies as Firefox for better website compatibility. This also fixes issue such as being unable to log in to Sync.


Waterfox Release 2022.08 Classic G4.1.4:

Various stability, functionality, and security[1] fixes.

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