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Telegram 'Secret Chat' didn't delete self-destructing media files
Telegram has fixed a security issue where self-destructing audio and video files were not being deleted from user's macOS devices as expected.

Telegram offers a 'Secret Chat' mode that offers increased privacy than the standard chats.

When in a Secret Chat, the connections are all end-to-end encrypted, you can't forward messages to other users, and all messages and media can be configured to automatically self-destruct and be removed from all devices after a certain amount of time.

Yesterday, security researcher Dhiraj Mishra told BleepingComputer that he discovered a vulnerability in the Secret Chat feature on Telegram 7.3 for where self-destructing media is deleted from recipients' devices.

While performing a Telegram security audit on macOS, Mishra discovered that standard chats would leak the sandbox path where received video and audio files are stored.

More info HERE

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