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CCleaner v5.76.8269 (New) Released
Release Notes
v5.76.8269 (13 Jan 2021)


    We now prevent invalid data from being imported to the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list
    We now clean up any of our dump files created more than 14 days ago when you run CCleaner


    We’ve made many improvements to NVDA screen reader support in Health Check
    We’ve improved NVDA support for reading checkbox lists and checkbox statuses


    We resolved a permissions error when enabling the ‘Save files to INI’ option
    We fixed an error when enabling the ‘Skip UAC’ option
    We fixed a rare bug where an update could unregister CCleaner Professional
    We’ve made some text labels clearer    CCleaner - Download Builds
Optimization and Cleaning
CCleaner Free (Version 5.76.8269) - Latest official release
Standard installer

ccsetup576.exe                  CCleaner Free (Version 5.76.8269) - Latest official release
Standard installer

ccsetup576.exe                  CCleaner - Portable
Zip file, no installer              CCleaner - Slim
Installer, no toolbar

ccsetup576_slim.exe          Digital Signature ( Piriform Software Ltd ) CCleaner v5.76.8269 Standard installer, CCleaner - Portable,       CCleaner - Slim,  Were All  100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.   Smile Big Grin Thumb

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