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Update NEW Rules in Contest Section: Read to avoid disqualification
Well, thanks for clarifying the rules, Tarek! First of all I state that I completely trust the giveaway organizers here and I'm always grateful for all their efforts. Since it's quite a discussion I would just like to add that while using is a good solution, an attached picture of its use does not guarantee it was not manipulated. It can be done even by using a simple application like "Paint". Please, don't get me wrong. In no way I'm saying that someone is manipulating result pictures here. I just want to say that the usage of does not guarantee anything so I don't see the need of such a rule. I find gleam also an excellent giveaway helper. If a giveaway organizer wants to cheat he will always find a way to do it. We just have to trust each other. After all this forum should be and currently is a place where we all can have some fun among friendly fellow members.

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RE: NEW Rules in Contest Section: Read to avoid disqualification - by phobic - 02-10-2021 , 08:04 AM

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