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Update NEW Rules in Contest Section: Read to avoid disqualification
Tarekma7, I applaud you for these rules that you require in your contests.  ...To appear fair and just, I believe all "personal software contests" should be judged by by just as all of our formal contests are judged by to avoid any suspicion of favoritism or the exclusion from the "winner's list" of any members who have had "personal differences" or quarrels with fellow members in the past.

There is no place that I have ever known where these kinds of feelings do not exist and we must strive to never let such feelings determine our forum's contest winners, or even appear to by letting the judges personally choose the winners. ... A trustworthy outcome of all contest must appear to all to have been judged fairly and justly or we will lose our forum's aspiration to be the best of its kind.  Smile

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RE: NEW Rules in Contest Section: Read to avoid disqualification - by divinenews - 02-09-2021 , 04:22 AM

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