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s rand divisive paul joe biden speech apart rips

mrtroutRand Paul rips apart Joe Biden's divisive speech

Rand Paul rips apart Joe Biden's divisive speech      Dec 15, 2020      Newsmax TV      Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky joins Newsmax TV's Emma Rechenberg to sound off on Joe Biden's latest comments about transition, providing 'unity,' and more.
Joe Biden will never become president. This election was rigged and is fraud.
This is the greatest deception .. it is the beginning of a new era
all of you are pathetic, your blindness is incredible, I am tired of fake news, only you speak. Are all the members far-right in this forum?
All over the world the analysis of these elections is clear: they have been clean. Your justices including the Supreme Court (justices appointed by Trump) say that it has been clean and you continue your speech of lies.
I am also free to say what I think, not only you, accept defeat, freedom is expressed at the polls, not in infowars, lies and more lies that the rest of the world laughs at.
It seems that this software forum has become a political forum in which only the ultra-rightists speak.
I'm sorry but I won't allow it, if you want you can kick me out Mike
But this is too much, too many lies
I'd rather not express my political opinions, you never stop
Because of all of you I have lost friends in this forum, but I am already tired of the lies and the continuous insistence of the extreme right
which is nothing more than a mixture of racism and fascism.
Nothing else. Don't bother answering me, I know you're blind.
It's just about winning fairly !!!
You have no proof, everyone, the world, knows

however much repeating a lie does not become true.
always the same speech, they have deceived us, rigged elections, they have robbed us .....
where is the evidence?
really all of you are pathetic
Covering the committee with dictates obstructing the work adding votes .. unless you are watching another TV
you can repeat a lie 1000 times

it will never be true

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