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CCleaner Browser 86.1.6938.201 FREEWARE Released
No ads

No tracking

No junk

Built-in security
Get the new CCleaner Browser
The fast, private and secure browser for Windows, from the makers of CCleaner          NEW
Lightweight, now uses up to 50% less memory
We’ve improved the performance and speed of your browser.

We’ve supercharged the browser to give you an even faster browsing experience. Tabs that you’re not using will be automatically suspended in the background depending on your computer’s available memory. Why? Because we’ve found it can reduce the amount of CPU and RAM the browser uses by as much as 50%. You can control these settings from the Performance Manager section in the browser settings page.

Extend your battery life by 20%
Extend your battery life by 20%
Stay unplugged for longer as you browse.

Your browser can often be a drain on your laptop battery. We’ve worked on some clever tweaks under the hood to make sure our browser uses less CPU and RAM when you’re running low on battery. This can extend your battery life up to 20%, which means you won’t have to reach for that charging cable as often. The settings to extend the battery life can be managed from the Performance Manager section in the browser settings page.

Anti-Fingerprinting v2.2
Anti-Fingerprinting v2.2
Mask your browser fingerprint to disguise your online trail.

Websites and ad networks are getting smarter. Instead of relying exclusively on cookies and your IP address to identify you, they’re also using your unique browser configuration to keep tabs on you. Anti-Fingerprinting hides your browser information from sites to help protect your privacy and limit online tracking.

Like your regular browser, but faster and more secure
Complete Privacy
Stops trackers and disguises your digital footprint, so your identity remains anonymous

Faster Browsing
Blocks annoying ads because less to load means faster browsing

Total Security
Surf, shop and bank knowing you're protected from malware, phishing scams and identity theft        CCleaner Browser Download:       Digital Signature ( Piriform Software Ltd )  CCleaner Browser 86.1.6938.201  software  is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.  &  Scanned  Clean With Avast Free Antivirus 20.9.2437

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