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check an micro detect tool trend scams misinformation all one

Trend Micro Check: An all-in-one tool to detect misinformation and scams
#1        Trend Micro Check: An all-in-one tool to detect misinformation and scams        Nov 17, 2020      Trend Micro      Simply paste anything suspicious — URLs, news articles, images or audio messages — Trend Micro Check's chatbot can verify information with one click. Wondering if your email address has been compromised? You can also ask Trend Micro Check.

Trend Micro Check, which allow users to easily verify things they find in social media that they are questioning in terms of safety and validity. This service won a Disinformation Tech Challenge by U.S. Department of State's this Feb.
This service is already available in Taiwan and Japan, and now we are working on versions for the U.S.

Trend Micro Check is available for testing now, feel free to give it a try and we’ll be thrilled to hear any feedback from your side!
Chatbot on Facebook Messenger:
Chatbot on WhatsApp:
Chrome Extension:
Do you use TrendMicro,trout?
no i just uploaded it because its a good free product from a big security company that i figured some people on here might want to use i mostly just ever used there trend micro house call its a free good scanner utility

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