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Skywire VPN BETA is here!
[Image: f42f5138eef5.jpg]

Skywire VPN BETA

Skywire VPN

The Skywire dev team is excited to release the Skywire VPN client in beta. This greatly anticipated feature will simplify the ability to make use of the privacy, security, and end-to-end encryption of Skywire. Users will connect to Skyminer operators and select from VPN servers all over the globe. Skyminer operators can decide to advertise their own VPN server to other participants in the network to make the VPN service even stronger.
One of the key features of Skywire is its complete anonymity. There is no equivalent to an I.P. address that can tie a given Skywire access point to a specific person or geographical location.

The Skycoin Project now offers both free SOCKS5 proxy & VPN services across the safest comms network in existence—Skywire.

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