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mac web server

ahmedGiveaway Mac Web Server [for Mac ]
[Image: GNZYhRE.png]

Do you host and test websites? Do you like doing it? Has the process of hosting and testing websites using a variety of applications become a huge hassle and time sink for you? Take your work to the next level using today’s discount software promotion, Mac Web Server!

Mac Web Server is a multi-site HTTP server that empowers you to host and test websites locally on your computer. With Mac Web Server, you never have to be concerned about having an Internet connection in order to get your job done. Just boot up Mac Web Server and you’re good to go, anywhere, anytime.

Why waste time deploying buggy websites to a web server, only to have to debug and replace them with new versions? Grab a copy of Mac Web Server, and you will be able to test your websites while they’re still on your local drive, and before you upload perfect code to your server. Best of all, Mac Web Server supports authentication to safeguard your websites from unauthorized people.


Mac OSX 7 to OSX 13


Get Your License:
Mac Web Server v1.0.1.70 for Mac:


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