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Giveaway PCWinSoft File Xterminator v [for Mac]
[Image: L3HXrw5.jpg]

File Xterminator is a disk cleaner for you to trash, remove, and shred files from your computer with the help of a user interface that shows you files and folders size, date, path, to allow you to make conscious decisions as opposed to blindly delete everything as common disk cleaners work.

The program allows you to manage common folders of your computer where the computer is more likely to clutter files and folders that you can trash, remove or shred to gain disk space.

The program also allows you to add the files and folders all by means of drag & drop

File Xterminator gives you 3 options for removing files.

The first is shredding: Works for files only. After a file is shredded it can not be recovered not even by recovery software. The file is securely erased forever. File Xterminator uses Dod 5200.22-M technology to shred files from your computer.

The second option is removing: Works for files and folders and it is undoable. Files and folders removed can only be recovered by recovery software. The space is freed on your hard drive.

The third option is trashing: Works for files and folders which get sent to the Trash Bin.

OSX 7 or higher



File Xterminator for Mac:

File Xterminator



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